2021-11-25 tuxilloMore libusb depends. AF_ARP was added.
2021-11-25 tuxilloPut all dport specific entries in one table. Add more...
2021-11-16 1338minus1... (no commit message)
2021-11-11 justinNew Iran mirror, from fakeshell@bardia.tech. Created...
2021-11-08 justinDonation from Krzysztof Piecuch. Thanks!
2021-10-15 justinDonation from Brendan Kosowski. Thanks!
2021-10-13 thomas.nikolajsenAdd 6.0.1 release
2021-10-13 justinUpdate ISO links for 6.0.1.
2021-10-13 justinNote 6.0.1, link to commit
2021-10-13 justin6.0.1 note
2021-10-06 thomas.nikolajsenFix typo
2021-10-03 tuxillominor fix
2021-10-02 tuxillo(no commit message)
2021-09-21 tuxillo(no commit message)
2021-09-06 tuxillo(no commit message)
2021-08-22 tuxillo(no commit message)
2021-08-22 tuxillo(no commit message)
2021-08-18 liweitianuxadd a todo item about pci-passthrough
2021-08-18 liweitianuxminor tweaks
2021-08-18 liweitianuxmove a note to a more appropriate place
2021-08-18 liweitianuxcreate a new subsection for NAT config
2021-08-18 liweitianuxadjust notes and add ipv6 todo
2021-08-17 tuxillo(no commit message)
2021-08-17 tuxillo(no commit message)
2021-08-14 dacut@07000726e91328... FreeBDS -> FreeBSD
2021-08-14 justinDonation from Naoya Sugioka . Thanks!
2021-08-12 liweitianuxcreate bounty: in-kernel wireguard port
2021-08-12 liweitianuxvarious formatting improvements
2021-08-12 liweitianuxupdate tuxillo's actual donation amount
2021-08-12 liweitianuxuse USD instead of CNY
2021-08-12 liweitianuxhypervisor bounty already paid :-)
2021-08-11 liweitianuxAdd completion date
2021-08-10 liweitianuxIncrease webcam bounty
2021-08-10 piecuch@61891ff45c84... Increase webcam bounty
2021-08-08 mneumann@5ab7f7a42bd... Add USB webcam code bounty
2021-08-06 liweitianuxAdd the "Issues" section and note that '-cpu host'...
2021-08-03 yellowrabbit2010... -machine [type=]name[,prop=value[,...]] ...
2021-08-03 ttodorov@05c1810f437... Correct typos in Clevo W253EU DragonFlyOnLaptops
2021-08-03 ttodorov@05c1810f437... Add CLEVO W253EU laptop model to DragonflyOnLaptops
2021-07-28 liweitianuxAdd links to NVMM document and qemu60 port
2021-07-28 liweitianuxFix SSH port forwarding error
2021-07-24 liweitianuxAdd NAT setup for QEMU by using PF
2021-07-24 liweitianuxAdd TAP networking guide
2021-07-24 liweitianuxAdd references
2021-07-24 liweitianuxAdd qemu basic setup usage
2021-07-24 liweitianuxAdd setup and example usages
2021-07-23 liweitianuxAdd design description
2021-07-23 liweitianuxAdd introduction and design diagram
2021-07-23 liweitianuxattachment upload
2021-07-23 liweitianuxAdd preliminary NVMM hypervisor page
2021-07-23 liweitianuxPrepare for NVMM hypervisor page
2021-07-23 liweitianuxAdd two links to projects
2021-07-23 liweitianuxMore minor adjustments
2021-07-23 liweitianuxFix a link
2021-07-23 liweitianuxMinor changes
2021-07-23 liweitianuxrename docs/howtos/hammer__95__pfs__95__slave__95__mirr...
2021-07-23 liweitianuxMinor updates
2021-07-23 liweitianuxupdate for rename of docs/how_to_implement_hammer_pseud...
2021-07-23 liweitianuxrename docs/how_to_implement_hammer_pseudo_file_system_...
2021-07-23 liweitianuxUpdate OpenGrok link
2021-07-23 liweitianuxComplete nvmm hypervisor porting
2021-07-22 daftaupeAdd links to the online man pages
2021-07-10 dillonmodernize this page.
2021-07-07 tuxillo(no commit message)
2021-06-28 justinDonation from Lucas Guimarães Gonçalves. Thanks!
2021-06-16 justinDonation from Gregory Colpart. Thanks!
2021-06-12 bgran@bf8f9350da98d9... There's no GENERIC for x86 configuration anymore
2021-05-27 liweitianuxTake hpyervisor bounty
2021-05-13 justinformatting fix
2021-05-13 justinAdded pkg config note.
2021-05-11 justinPaste correct line of CVE IDs.
2021-05-11 justinCorrected CVE ID. Thanks falsifian in IRC.
2021-05-11 liweitianuxMinor updates
2021-05-10 thomas.nikolajsenAdd 6.0.0 release
2021-05-09 justinRemove DO NOT LINK note
2021-05-09 justinRemove some cosmetic extra empty lines
2021-05-09 justinShould say .0 just to be clear in case of the inevitabl...
2021-05-09 justinDF6 note
2021-05-09 justinFix release notes link.
2021-05-09 justin6.0.0 links
2021-05-09 tuxillo(no commit message)
2021-05-08 justinSentence fix
2021-05-08 justinAdd MD5 sums
2021-05-08 justin6.0.0 tag commit message link.
2021-05-05 dillon(no commit message)
2021-05-05 dillon(no commit message)
2021-05-05 dillon(no commit message)
2021-05-05 dillon(no commit message)
2021-05-05 dillon(no commit message)
2021-05-04 justinMore version numbers
2021-05-02 justinMore of the Fojt changes into the list
2021-05-01 justinStart on the many many tool update version numbers.
2021-05-01 justinstarting to list out changes for 6.0; nowhere near...
2021-04-28 mdcarroll90089... (no commit message)
2021-04-24 justin6.0 release page skeleton
2021-04-19 justinDonations from Zachary Crownover and Jared Nicholson...
2021-04-05 justinDonation from William Sorenson. Thanks!
2021-03-30 tuxilloAdd repo link
2021-03-29 tuxillodandan takes over the valgrind port
2021-03-10 liweitianuxpkill/pgrep -T has been implemented in a2d71d01f5b798e1...