2010-08-08 Jan Lentferftp-proxy: Update to OpenBSD 4.1 pf_update
2010-08-08 Jan Lentferpflogd: Update to OpenBSD 4.1
2010-08-08 Jan LentferPF: Update manpages
2010-08-07 Jan LentferMerge branch 'master' into pf_update
2010-08-07 Sascha Wildneriwn.4: Miscellaneous adjustments.
2010-08-07 Sascha Wildneriwn(4): Add Makefile for building iwn6050fw.ko.
2010-08-07 Sascha WildnerAdd iwn(4) and iwnfw(4) to LINT.
2010-08-07 Joe Talbottconfig - Fix typo in iwn6050 clean target.
2010-08-06 Sascha WildnerUnbreak buildworld.
2010-08-06 Jan LentferMerge branch 'master' into pf_update
2010-08-06 Jan LentferPF: more man page updates (pfsync(4))
2010-08-06 Joe Talbottiwn - Fix warning related to token work.
2010-08-06 Joe Talbottiwn - Cleanup sysctl tree on detach.
2010-08-06 Joe Talbottiwn - Clean up memory freeing.
2010-08-06 Joe Talbottiwn - Convert to use the new wlan layer's global token.
2010-08-06 Joe Talbottwlan - Convert lockmgr locking to a global token.
2010-08-06 Joe Talbottiwn - Bring in recent changes from FreeBSD.
2010-08-06 Joe Talbottiwn - Lock callout iwn_timer_timeout().
2010-08-06 Joe Talbottiwn - Update firmware for 6000 chipset.
2010-08-06 Joe Talbottiwnfw - Update 6000 firmware and add 6050 firmware
2010-08-06 Sascha WildnerAdd some more *at() system calls.
2010-08-06 Sascha WildnerRemove <sys/selinfo.h> per 'make upgrade'.
2010-08-06 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Clean up pipe filters (fixes last)
2010-08-06 Samuel J. Greearkern - Clean up pipe filters
2010-08-06 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Silently swallow EOPNOTSUPP filter errors...
2010-08-06 Samuel J. Greearkernel - make poll return only explicitly asked for...
2010-08-05 Sascha WildnerFix some typos in various places.
2010-08-05 Jan LentferPF: Update pf related man pages
2010-08-05 Sascha WildnerFix LINT build.
2010-08-04 Sascha WildnerBring in FreeBSD's stress2 stress testing suite.
2010-08-04 Jan LentferMerge branch 'master' into pf_update
2010-08-04 Jan LentferPF: Change M_NOWAIT to M_WAITOK where appropriate
2010-08-04 Jan LentferPF: Update pf.conf(5) man page
2010-08-04 Matthew Dillonbuildworld - Fix header file
2010-08-04 Jan LentferMerge branch 'master' into pf_update
2010-08-04 Matthew Dillonkernel - Add ALTQ to GENERIC and X86_64_GENERIC
2010-08-03 Jan LentferMerge branch 'master' into pf_update
2010-08-03 Jan LentferPF: Remove debugging output
2010-08-03 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Make filters able to be marked MPSAFE
2010-08-03 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Remove kevent subsystem from under mplock
2010-08-03 Sascha Wildneriwn{,fw}.4: Remove trailing whitespace and an unneeded .Pp
2010-08-03 Sascha Wildnertwa(4): Sync with FreeBSD's current code.
2010-08-03 Jan LentferMerge branch 'master' into pf_update
2010-08-03 Jan LentferPF: Fix "set keep-policy (pickups)" option
2010-08-03 Jan LentferPF: Fix ALTQ/fairq support in PF
2010-08-03 Jan LentferALTQ: Fix altq to work with m_tag from pf
2010-08-03 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Silently swallow EOPNOTSUPP filter errors...
2010-08-03 Sascha WildnerFix buildkernel with 'options CPU_GEODE' but without...
2010-08-02 Sascha WildnerFix x86_64 build by casting some {u,}intmax_t's for...
2010-08-02 Sascha Wildner{fetch,store}.9: Move casuword() from fetch(9) to store(9).
2010-08-02 Jan Lentferstring.h: Fix VKERNEL breakage
2010-08-02 Jan LentferMerge branch 'master' into pf_update
2010-08-02 Jan LentferPF: Remove hardcoded KLD_DEBUG (debugging)
2010-08-02 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Filter out unknown errors for select(2) and...
2010-08-02 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Unset TS_ZOMBIE when pty is re-opened
2010-08-02 Sascha WildnerFix the VKERNEL build with KLD_DEBUG set.
2010-08-02 Sascha Wildnerbce(4): Remove some carriage returns.
2010-08-02 Jan LentferPF: Update authpf Makefile
2010-08-02 Jan Lentferlibkern: Revert commit e104539
2010-08-01 Jan LentferPF: Re-add files in usr.sbin/pfctl
2010-08-01 Jan LentferPF: Update usr.sbin/authpf to OpenBSD 4.1
2010-08-01 Jan LentferPF: Fix warnings in pfctl after update
2010-08-01 Jan LentferPF: Adjust flags for keep state (pickups)
2010-08-01 Jan LentferPF: Fix some more locking issues on module unload
2010-08-01 Jan LentferPF: Fix more locking and module unload problems
2010-08-01 Jan LentferPF: Fix panic on unload
2010-08-01 Jan LentferPF: fix locking in pf_purge_thread() and friends
2010-08-01 Jan LentferPF: More debug output
2010-08-01 Jan Lentferpfctl: Update to OpenBSD 4.1 version
2010-08-01 Jan Lentfernet/pf: Fix panic on module unload
2010-08-01 Jan Lentfernet/bpf.c: Fix bpf_mtap_hdr
2010-08-01 Jan Lentfernet/if.h: add interface groups
2010-08-01 Jan Lentfernet/pf: Update PF to OpenBSD 4.1 release
2010-08-01 Jan Lentfernetinet6/in6.h: add PV6_ADDR_SCOPE_INTFACELOCAL
2010-08-01 Jan Lentfernetinet6/in6.h: add IN6_IS_ADDR_MC_INTFACELOCAL macro
2010-08-01 Jan Lentfernetinet6/in6.h: add IN6_IS_SCOPE_EMBED macro
2010-08-01 Jan Lentfersys/libkern.h: Add strchr and strrchr as inline functions
2010-08-01 Jan Lentfersys/net/if_var.h: Import interface groups
2010-08-01 Jan Lentfernet/if_var.h: add if_pf_kif to struct ifnet
2010-08-01 Jan Lentfernet/if_types.h: add IFT_ENC to non-IATA-assignments
2010-08-01 Jan Lentfernet/bpf: Fix argument types in bpf_mtap_hdr
2010-08-01 Jan Lentferbla
2010-08-01 Jan Lentfernet/bpf.c: add bpf_mtap_hdr from OpenBSD
2010-08-01 Sascha Wildneriwn(4): Hook the manual pages into the build as well.
2010-08-01 Alex Hornungdsched - minor fixes, cleanup
2010-08-01 Sascha WildnerMark the *at(2) system calls' prototypes as being new...
2010-08-01 Samuel J. Greearkernel - Make pt's throw EOF on disconnect.
2010-08-01 Sascha WildnerRemove dschedctl(8).
2010-08-01 Sascha Wildnerchroot.2: Add some words about chroot_kernel().
2010-08-01 Sascha Wildnernlookup.9: Document nlookup_init_at() and nlookup_done_...
2010-08-01 Sascha Wildnerrenameat(2): Properly use nlookup_done_at() instead...
2010-07-31 Sascha WildnerAdd a renameat(2) system call.
2010-07-29 Alex Hornungdsched - Encapsulate tdio for curthread creation
2010-07-29 Samuel J. Greeardevd - select only with a read set
2010-07-28 Sascha WildnerAdd a dm(4) manual page (derived from NetBSD's).
2010-07-28 Sascha Wildnermkinitrd.8: Add some missing quotation marks.
2010-07-28 Sascha WildnerFix typo in <sys/elf_common.h>: ET_LIPROC -> ET_LOPROC
2010-07-28 Sascha Wildnermake_dev.9: Remove reference to d_poll_t.
2010-07-27 Sascha WildnerRemove old time zone files via 'make upgrade'.
2010-07-27 Joe Talbottfiles - Remove unneeded dependency on wlan_amrr from...