Merge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
[dragonfly.git] / share /
2007-09-03 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
2007-09-02 Sascha WildnerUse .Pa
2007-08-31 Sascha WildnerRemove leftover nv(4) remains.
2007-08-27 Hasso TepperNuke nv(4), we have nfe(4) which replaces it.
2007-08-27 Hasso TepperNuke fla(4). It's known to be buggy, supports very...
2007-08-27 Hasso TepperNuke FDDI support.
2007-08-27 Hasso TepperNuke token ring support. This also means one blob less...
2007-08-27 Hasso TepperNuke ARCnet support.
2007-08-25 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch TNFTP:
2007-08-25 Simon SchubertDon't hang `all' off `_EXTRADEPEND', but rather on...
2007-08-22 Hasso TepperAdd usbdi(9) manpage.
2007-08-22 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch GDB:
2007-08-21 Simon SchubertAdd msleep(9) to the sleep(9) page.
2007-08-20 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007g from elsie.
2007-08-20 Sascha WildnerUpdate for the latest changes to nrelease/Makefile.
2007-08-19 Sascha Wildner* Use one ioctl() (CONS_SET, analogous to CONS_GET...
2007-08-18 Sascha WildnerAdd some words about the MBUF_STRESS_TEST kernel option...
2007-08-18 Sascha WildnerUse upper case for section header and expand HISTORY...
2007-08-18 Sascha WildnerNote that the vke interface needs to be brought up...
2007-08-18 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
2007-08-18 Sascha WildnerAdd some words about the vcd driver in the DEVICES...
2007-08-17 Sascha WildnerAdd 'options CARP' to the SYNOPSIS.
2007-08-16 Hasso TepperAdd umsm(4) driver for EVDO and UMTS modems with Qualco...
2007-08-16 Matthew DillonBring CARP into the tree. CARP = Common Address Redund...
2007-08-16 Hasso TepperRemove reference to the nonexistant uhub(4).
2007-08-16 Hasso TepperAdd support for HandyTech's Braille displays into ubsa...
2007-08-15 Hasso TepperHardware flow control support for uslcom(4).
2007-08-14 Hasso TepperAdd uark(4) driver which supports Arkmicro Technologies...
2007-08-14 Hasso Tepper- Correct SYNOPSIS section in USB serial manpages.
2007-08-14 Hasso TepperAdd some new uslcom(4) device ids found in Linux driver.
2007-08-14 Hasso Tepperuslcom(4) works with devices based on CP2103 chip....
2007-08-14 Hasso TepperAdd uslcom(4) driver which provides support for USB...
2007-08-13 Hasso TepperMagic Control Technology (MCT) USB to serial converters...
2007-08-12 Matthew DillonFix the fstab installation example. vkd0a -> vkd0s0a.
2007-08-12 Sascha WildnerAdd forgotten section number.
2007-08-11 Sascha WildnerSync the vinum manpages with the recent disklabel work.
2007-08-10 Sascha WildnerBring some changes from FreeBSD into the jail rc script.
2007-08-10 Sascha WildnerAdd a taskqueue(9) manual page. Taken from FreeBSD...
2007-08-10 Sascha WildnerSync etc/rc.d/addswap and various manpages with the...
2007-08-09 Simon SchubertRemove NO_GCC41 make option.
2007-08-09 Simon SchubertDrop binutils215.
2007-08-09 Sascha Wildner* Repocopy sys/dev/misc/syscons/daemon -> sys/dev/misc...
2007-08-07 Sascha WildnerSync with FreeBSD.
2007-08-07 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch TCPDUMP:
2007-08-07 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LIBPCAP:
2007-08-07 Sepherosa ZiehauMerge from vendor branch HOSTAPD:
2007-08-07 Sepherosa ZiehauMerge from vendor branch WPA_SUPPLICANT:
2007-08-05 Sascha WildnerAdd missing space.
2007-08-05 Sascha WildnerNuke trailing whitespace.
2007-08-05 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch DIFFUTILS:
2007-08-04 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch TNFTP:
2007-08-04 Sascha WildnerUse .Dv for ioctls & minor cleanup.
2007-08-02 Hasso TepperAdd references to the uftdi(4), umct(4), and umodem(4).
2007-08-02 Hasso TepperAdd support for many new devices into uplcom(4). IDs...
2007-08-02 Sascha WildnerAdd keys for 'previous screen' (Shift+PrintScr).
2007-08-01 Sascha WildnerAdd MLINK for krateprintf().
2007-08-01 Sascha WildnerAdd some words about krateprintf().
2007-08-01 Sascha WildnerFix return values.
2007-07-30 Sascha WildnerUse .Ux for UNIX.
2007-07-29 Sascha WildnerRemove unnecessary .Nm arguments.
2007-07-29 Sascha WildnerUse .Nm properly and streamline the wording a bit.
2007-07-24 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch BIND:
2007-07-24 Matthew DillonMerge from vendor branch BIND:
2007-07-24 Matthew Dillonrelease engineering: Add a slip tag for 1.10 and add...
2007-07-24 Sascha WildnerThe maximum numbers of CPUs is 31, not 32.
2007-07-22 Simon SchubertPkgsrc defaults to modular Xorg and /usr/pkg nowadays.
2007-07-16 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
2007-07-14 Sascha WildnerOops, add missing space.
2007-07-14 Sascha WildnerUse .Va for sysctls and tunables.
2007-07-14 Sascha WildnerFix reference.
2007-07-13 Sascha Wildnerpccardd was removed a long time ago.
2007-07-13 Sascha WildnerAdd some words about rtsold_{enable,flags}.
2007-07-13 Matthew DillonMerge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
2007-07-11 Sascha WildnerBump .Dd for -l and fix markup.
2007-07-10 Sascha WildnerAdd a wpa_supplicant rc script and bring in code to...
2007-07-10 Joe TalbottAdd support to vkernel for locking virtual CPUs to...
2007-07-09 Matthew DillonUpdate the CCD and disklabel documentation to reflect...
2007-07-07 Sascha Wildner* s/cpu/CPU/
2007-07-07 Sascha WildnerSync ahc(4) and ahd(4) with FreeBSD 6.
2007-07-06 Sascha WildnerMake SEE ALSO section a bit nicer.
2007-07-05 Sascha WildnerCorrection to my commit from yesterday:
2007-07-04 Sascha WildnerUpdate list of supported drivers in hostapd(8).
2007-07-04 Sascha WildnerAdd a hostapd rc script.
2007-07-03 Matthew DillonAdd a section on how to build the world inside a virtua...
2007-07-02 Sascha WildnerOops, forgot space.
2007-07-02 Matthew DillonAdd an option (-n ncpus) to specify the number of cpus...
2007-07-01 Sascha WildnerAdd markup and clean up a bit.
2007-07-01 Sascha Wildnermi_switch() and cpu_switch() are gone. Remove manpage...
2007-06-30 Sascha Wildnertvtohz() was split into tvtohz_low() and tvtohz_high...
2007-06-30 Sascha WildnerUse .Va for errno.
2007-06-24 Sascha WildnerAdd missing name.
2007-06-24 Sascha WildnerFix HISTORY.
2007-06-24 Sascha WildnerAdd a slightly modified ataraid(4) manpage from FreeBSD...
2007-06-23 Sascha WildnerRemove trailing whitespace.
2007-06-23 Sascha WildnerUse .Va for rc variables.
2007-06-20 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LESS:
2007-06-19 Matthew DillonAdd the -p pidfile option to the vkernel.
2007-06-17 Sascha Wildner* Add a missing KMODDEP to ng_eiface and hook it into...
2007-06-17 Matthew DillonImplement SIGTERM handling. When a SIGTERM is received...
2007-06-17 Sascha WildnerOops, clean up SEE ALSO.