Add OpenBSD's compat glob.c for OpenSSH.
[dragonfly.git] / crypto / openssh / README.DELETED
2011-05-19 Peter AvalosAdd OpenBSD's compat glob.c for OpenSSH.
2011-04-09 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSH-5.8p1.
2010-09-29 Peter AvalosImport OpenSSH-5.6p1.
2010-01-10 Peter AvalosAdd some more missing files from OpenBSD upgrades. chlamydia/vendor/OPENSSH
2010-01-10 Peter AvalosAdd a EVP wrapper for SHA256.
2009-06-20 Peter AvalosUpgrade to OpenSSH-5.2p1.
2009-06-20 Peter AvalosAdd README.DELETED to the OpenSSH's vendor branch.