Merge from vendor branch GDB:
[dragonfly.git] / share /
2008-01-15 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch GDB:
2008-01-14 Simon SchubertMerge from vendor branch GDB:
2008-01-14 Joe TalbottAdd support for Cisco-Linksys WUSB54GC which has a...
2008-01-13 Sascha Wildnerhandbook.txt has been removed
2008-01-12 Matthias SchmidtSync page with FreeBSD to get mode pages for removable...
2008-01-12 Matthias SchmidtSync the file with FreeBSD to get the latest USB HID...
2008-01-12 Matthias SchmidtRemove src/share/examples/BSD_daemon containing images...
2008-01-12 Matthias SchmidtRemove src/share/examples/worm used to build FreeBSD...
2008-01-12 Matthias SchmidtRemove src/share/examples/FreeBSD_version which is...
2008-01-12 Matthias SchmidtRemove the SUBDIR line. The last entry was the handbook.
2008-01-12 Matthias SchmidtRemove the ascii version of the handbook from the base...
2008-01-12 Nicolas TheryMinor fix.
2008-01-11 Hasso Tepper- Fix compiling umsm(4) with UMSM_DEBUG
2008-01-10 Sepherosa Ziehau- Add additional parameter to firmware_image_load(...
2008-01-09 Sascha Wildner* Add a missing kernel option and a VGA spec reference.
2008-01-09 Sascha WildnerRemove references to kldxref(8) which we don't have.
2008-01-08 Sascha WildnerBrush up the example a bit.
2008-01-08 Matthias SchmidtRemove reference to the FreeBSD developers handbook...
2008-01-05 Peter AvalosSync trm manual with FreeBSD.
2008-01-05 Peter AvalosSync with FreeBSD.
2008-01-05 Simon SchubertAdd support for newer CPU models.
2008-01-03 Sascha WildnerSort entries in /etc and bump .Dd for today's change.
2008-01-03 Hasso TepperAdd /etc/bluetooth/ with common files.
2008-01-01 Matthias SchmidtMention /etc/firmware for firmware(9) image files.
2008-01-01 Matthias Schmidto Add missing dot (.)
2008-01-01 Sascha WildnerAdd PCI IDs for ICH9.
2007-12-31 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007k from elsie.
2007-12-30 Sascha WildnerBring in some fixes from FreeBSD.
2007-12-29 Matthias SchmidtUpdate the man page to reflect the recent sync with...
2007-12-29 Sascha WildnerSync with FreeBSD (adds NetBSD 4.0).
2007-12-26 Sascha WildnerVlan tagging support in msk(4) is still missing.
2007-12-26 Sascha WildnerAdjust various manpages/files for the new msk(4) driver.
2007-12-26 Sascha WildnerAdd a manual page for msk(4).
2007-12-26 Sascha WildnerAdd /etc/pam.d, /etc/rc.d and /etc/ssh.
2007-12-26 Sascha WildnerDon't include .It in the width specifier.
2007-12-25 Sascha WildnerFix typo in kernel option.
2007-12-25 Sascha Wildner* Remove references to 'options GPL_MATH_EMULATE' which...
2007-12-24 Sascha WildnerAdd some words about THREAD_LIB.
2007-12-23 Sascha WildnerFix typo.
2007-12-23 Sascha WildnerRemove CVS ids.
2007-12-23 Sascha WildnerFix various typos in our manpages.
2007-12-23 Sepherosa Ziehau- Add THREAD_LIB to make.conf
2007-12-22 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
2007-12-22 Sascha WildnerUse normal date, we don't support $.
2007-12-22 Sascha WildnerUse .In
2007-12-21 Sascha WildnerUse .Dx
2007-12-21 Sascha WildnerBring in a script(7) manual page which describes some...
2007-12-21 Sascha WildnerAdd a manual page for the est(4) driver.
2007-12-21 Peter AvalosAdd some quick documentation regarding the CAM_NEW_TRAN...
2007-12-17 Sascha Wildner.Pp is not needed before .Sh
2007-12-17 Sascha WildnerFix SYNOPSIS.
2007-12-16 Thomas NikolajsenFix flag name: it is 'schg' according to chflags(1).
2007-12-16 Thomas NikolajsenCorrect references to obsolete /etc/rc.* files: rc...
2007-12-16 Thomas NikolajsenDelete obsolete rc.* manual pages.
2007-12-16 Sascha Wildner* Begin sentences on a new line.
2007-12-15 Thomas NikolajsenUse .Pa everywhere.
2007-12-15 Thomas NikolajsenAdapt to DragonFly. Remove ports sections.
2007-12-15 Sascha WildnerBring in some fixes from FreeBSD.
2007-12-15 Sascha WildnerRemove definition and documentation of EI_BRAND which...
2007-12-15 Sascha WildnerFix usage of .Fa, .Fn, .Vt, .Dv, .Sy...
2007-12-15 Sascha WildnerCorrectly document the PPIGEPP* and PPISEPP* ioctls.
2007-12-15 Sascha WildnerUse .Fa for struct members.
2007-12-15 Sascha WildnerMove a .Ed to the right place and use .Fa for struct...
2007-12-15 Sascha WildnerComment out CTLFLAG_SKIP which we don't have and use...
2007-12-13 Sascha WildnerDon't use macros which expand to some text (such as...
2007-12-08 Sepherosa Ziehau- It does not make sense to set IP options or multicast...
2007-12-06 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LIBARCHIVE:
2007-12-05 Sascha WildnerImprove the wording in the ERRORS section.
2007-12-04 Hasso TepperHifn 7955/7956 support to the hifn(4) driver.
2007-12-03 Sascha WildnerFix typo.
2007-12-03 Sascha WildnerUpdate per Newsletter VI-1.
2007-12-03 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2007j from elsie.
2007-12-02 Sascha WildnerF_FLOCK no longer exists.
2007-12-02 Sascha WildnerLK_NOPAUSE no longer exists.
2007-12-02 Sascha WildnerFix typo: LG_CANRECURSE -> LK_CANRECURSE
2007-12-02 Sascha WildnerFix typo: RMX_RTTUNIT -> RTM_RTTUNIT
2007-12-01 Sascha WildnerRegenerate the pciconf(8) database from the following...
2007-11-25 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LESS:
2007-11-25 Sascha WildnerAdjust acpi.c and bios.c to use kfreeenv()/ktestenv...
2007-11-24 Sascha WildnerUse .An
2007-11-23 Sascha WildnerUniformly refer to RFCs as 'RFC xxxx' and not 'RFCxxxx...
2007-11-23 Sascha WildnerFix a number of typos in defined values (ioctls and...
2007-11-22 Sascha WildnerRemove comments about 0x2 flags value and FDC_YE option...
2007-11-22 Sascha WildnerUse .Ev
2007-11-21 Sascha WildnerUniformly use .Pa for URLs.
2007-11-20 Hasso TepperFix the fix.
2007-11-20 Hasso TepperFix typo.
2007-11-18 Peter AvalosRewrite of the CAM error recovery code.
2007-11-18 Sascha WildnerAdd an altq(9) manpage.
2007-11-16 Peter AvalosMerge from vendor branch LESS:
2007-11-14 Sascha Wildner* Remove the remains of the obsolete timeout()/untimeou...
2007-11-12 Sascha WildnerFix function name.
2007-11-12 Sascha WildnerRemove reference to non-existant uhub(4).
2007-11-12 Sepherosa ZiehauLinksys WPC54GS ver.2 works well with bwi(4)
2007-11-11 Sascha WildnerSync with FreeBSD.
2007-11-10 Sascha WildnerThe maximum AAC_DEBUG value is 4.
2007-11-07 Sascha WildnerFix references.
2007-11-07 Sascha WildnerRemove last I386_CPU remains.
2007-11-07 Matthew DillonRemove i386 support.
2007-11-07 Hasso TepperUpdate the uftdi(4) manpage.