2015-03-31 John MarinoSet binutils 2.25 as primary version
2015-03-31 John Marinold-225: fix ldscripts (allows binutils 2.25 to build...
2015-03-31 John MarinoRemove unused Binutils 2.22 source files
2015-03-31 John MarinoReplace binutils 2.22 with latest binutils 2.25
2015-03-31 John Marinobinutils 2.25: Add DF READMEs and local modifications
2015-03-31 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/BINUTILS225'
2015-03-31 John MarinoInitial import of Binutils 2.25 on vendor branch
2015-03-31 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: Expose max id of sensor device through hw.senso...
2015-03-31 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: Fix sensor device numbering
2015-03-31 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: Fix sysctl tree creation
2015-03-31 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Cleanup error paths
2015-03-30 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Start work on quorum validation.
2015-03-30 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Cleanup hammer2_cluster API
2015-03-29 Sascha Wildnermailer.conf: Fix some issues.
2015-03-29 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Initial synchronization thread
2015-03-29 John Marinoloader: set color option (blue) by default
2015-03-28 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/newfs_hammer: Properly allocate root inode and...
2015-03-28 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Make hammer checkmap check zone
2015-03-28 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Fix comments on supported checkmap zones
2015-03-28 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Make rel_buffer() and rel_volume() check...
2015-03-28 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Remove duplicated header include
2015-03-28 Tomohiro Kusumilib/libhammer: Remove duplicated and unnecessary macro...
2015-03-28 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Fix width of hammer stats output
2015-03-28 Matthew Dillonkernel - Bring in dff23c692 from FreeBSD
2015-03-28 Matthew Dillonkernel - Adjustments for CERT VU#711516
2015-03-28 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Starting refactoring PFS management in mount
2015-03-27 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - cleanup, add manual page
2015-03-27 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: Save OID of sensordev sysctl tree.
2015-03-27 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: Use sysctl lock
2015-03-27 Matthew Dillondmsg - refactor cluster and pfs identifiers
2015-03-26 John Marinobmake: Fix clobber error, raise WARNS back to 4
2015-03-26 Matthew Dillonkernel - Fix panic in broken chroot case
2015-03-24 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2015b from ftp:/...
2015-03-24 Tomohiro Kusumisys/vfs/hammer: Fix comment on leaf node elements
2015-03-24 Tomohiro Kusumisys/vfs/hammer: Make use of btree_max_elements()
2015-03-24 John Marinobmake(1): lower WARNS from 4 to 2
2015-03-24 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: sensor_task_schedule() should always be locked
2015-03-24 Sepherosa Ziehausysctl: Expose sysctl lock
2015-03-24 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - Cluster API cleanup
2015-03-23 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Adjust netgraph7 for the mtx_init() change.
2015-03-23 Sascha Wildnermake upgrade: Adjust the files to be removed without...
2015-03-23 Sascha Wildnermount_psshfs.8: Fix typo.
2015-03-23 Sascha Wildnerln(1): Sync up with FreeBSD.
2015-03-23 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpi: Only check against ACPI 1.0's FADT size...
2015-03-23 John Marinolibstand: Rework makefile to avoid repeated building
2015-03-23 John Marinogdb(1), kgdb(1): Rework makefile to prevent repeated...
2015-03-23 John Marinogcc50: Switch final specs to set DT_RUNPATH tag
2015-03-23 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - structuralize the cluster's chain array
2015-03-23 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - locking revamp (2)
2015-03-23 Matthew Dillonhammer2 - locking revamp
2015-03-23 Matthew Dillonkernel - Major mtx lock cleanup
2015-03-23 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: Allocate task w/ M_WAITOK
2015-03-23 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: Create task thread through SYSINIT
2015-03-23 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: Function renaming and remove unnecessary comment.
2015-03-23 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: Remove the NOSYSCTL8HACK ifndef test
2015-03-23 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: Staticize internal global variables
2015-03-23 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: volatile is unnecessary for running
2015-03-23 Sepherosa Ziehausensors: Staticize internal functions
2015-03-23 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: Utilize LOCK_INITIALIZER
2015-03-23 Sepherosa Ziehaulock: Add LOCK_INITIALIZER
2015-03-22 John Marinogcc50: Update to 22 Mar 2015 snapshot (SVN 221572)
2015-03-22 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/GCC50'
2015-03-22 John Marinobmake(1): complete update to version 20141111
2015-03-22 John MarinoMerge branch 'vendor/BMAKE'
2015-03-22 John Marinomake(1): Remove local mods to parse.c and job.c
2015-03-22 John MarinoUpdate gcc-50 to SVN version 221572
2015-03-22 John MarinoUpdate to bmake-20141111 on the vendor branch
2015-03-22 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Expand hammer show directive to lo:objid...
2015-03-22 Sascha Wildnerkernel/iwn: Properly build 3 missing firmwares (100...
2015-03-22 Sascha WildnerAdd sa_family_t definitions to <netinet/in.h> and ...
2015-03-22 Sascha Wildnerkernel/acpi: Use ACPI_FULL_INITIALIZATION (no functiona...
2015-03-21 François Tigeotdrm/i915: Sync i915_gem_phys_pwrite() with Linux 3.11
2015-03-21 François Tigeotdrm/i915: Sync i915_gem_object_put_pages_gtt() with...
2015-03-21 François Tigeotdrm: Implement set_page_dirty()
2015-03-21 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Add filter mode when lo:objid directive...
2015-03-21 François Tigeotdrm/i915: Sync i915_gem_shmem_pread() with Linux 3.11
2015-03-21 François Tigeotdrm: Add linux/swap.h
2015-03-21 Sepherosa Ziehausensor: Minor white space and style cleanup
2015-03-20 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Make hammer show properly print '*' for...
2015-03-20 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Add missing free(3)
2015-03-20 Sascha Wildneretc/sendmail: Fix installation of the /etc/mail/Makefile.
2015-03-20 Sascha Wildner<sys/unistd.h>: Use __BSD_VISIBLE instead of !_POSIX_SO...
2015-03-19 Sascha Wildneropenssl: In the README.DRAGONFLY, note that the date...
2015-03-19 Sascha Wildneropenssl: Adjust manual pages for 1.0.1m.
2015-03-19 Sascha WildnerMerge branch 'vendor/OPENSSL'
2015-03-19 Sascha WildnerImport OpenSSL 1.0.1m.
2015-03-19 Sascha Wildner<stdio.h>: Adjust comment about UT_NAMESIZE.
2015-03-19 Sascha Wildnerrepquota(8): Use MAXLOGNAME instead of UT_NAMESIZE.
2015-03-19 Sascha Wildneratrun(8): Use MAXLOGNAME instead of UT_NAMESIZE.
2015-03-19 Sascha Wildnerlibposix1e: Use MAXLOGNAME instead of UT_NAMESIZE.
2015-03-19 Sascha Wildnermutex.9: Adjust a bit to current source.
2015-03-19 John Marinogcc50: Fix parallel build issue with libstdc++
2015-03-18 Sascha Wildnerlibc/realpath: Better POSIX conformance regarding ENOEN...
2015-03-18 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Fix assertion to accept undo zone
2015-03-18 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Implement checkmap collects using rbtree
2015-03-18 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Add some comments
2015-03-18 Tomohiro Kusumisbin/hammer: Add assertions
2015-03-18 Sepherosa Ziehaux86_64: Take advantage of ACPI/CPU specific C-state...
2015-03-18 Sepherosa ZiehauRevert "acpi/cstate: Detect and fix duplicated C-states"
2015-03-18 Sepherosa Ziehauacpi/cstate: Match C-states of the hyperthreads on...