2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovehci - ohci - uhci: add Makefile's usb2
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovMove usbdevs generation to kmod.mk
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovFormatting changes.
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovFix uhci build
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovFix ohci build.
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovFix ehci build.
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovFix pci paths
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovDo some hacks around Giant. This needs to be fixed.
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovget_mplock include
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovsched_prio workaround for now
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovfree kfree
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovfree-kfree
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovfree->kfree
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovfree->kfree
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovfree->kfree
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovmalloc -> kmalloc
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovusb_process.c: how to create threads
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovadd lock_spin
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovusb_hub.c: free->kfree, Giant->mplock
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovComment out stuff now. Will get it work later.
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovusb_device.c: Giant -> mplock
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovAdd PROC_LOCK/PROC_UNLOCK
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovDisable ugen for a moment.
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovusb_hid.c: malloc -> kmalloc, free -> kfree
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovImport USB quirks from FreeBSD unmodified
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovmalloc -> kmalloc and so on
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovDon't build linux compatibility now.
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovDefine SI_SUB_KLD = SI_SUB_DRIVERS
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovdefine callout_drain() and PI_
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovGiant lock -> mplock
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovFreeBSD has a mechanism to delay root mount while expor...
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovprintf->kprintf in controller/
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovAdd missing opt_ddb.h
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovRemove missing includes.
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovdev/usb -> bus/usb
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovImport USB controller code from FreeBSD unmodified.
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovEmulate sx locks with lockmgr too.
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovcurthread is from <sys/globaldata.h>
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovDon't include DragonFly mutexes.
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovEmulate FreeBSD's mtx_* with lockmgr locks.
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovIntroduce BUS_DMA_KEEP_PG_OFFSET
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovWe don't need lock function here.
2010-04-23 Alexander Polakovprintf->kprintf
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovRemove <sys/stddef.h>, <sys/sx.h>, <sys/priority.h...
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovChange <dev/usb/...> to <bus/usb/...>
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovFix for usbdevs
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovImport Makefile
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovImport new usb stack from FreeBSD 8 unmodified.
2010-04-23 Alexander PolakovRemove old USB stack.
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopoulosevtr: hook into the x86_64 build
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: clean up warnings
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopouloslibevtr: portability fixes
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopouloslibevtr: get rid of unused yyunput() definition
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopouloslibevtr.h: cleanup evtr.h a bit
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopoulosevtranalyze: fix thinko in debug code
2010-04-23 Aggelos Economopoulosevtr: initial implementation of a DSL
2010-04-23 Alex Hornungdsched - Bump diskctx max size to 512
2010-04-22 Sascha WildnerAdd DSCHED_FQ to LINT.
2010-04-22 Sascha WildnerFix buildworld.
2010-04-22 Alex Hornungdsched - expand framework to track threads
2010-04-22 Stathis Kamperisdschedctl: G/C some unneeded headers
2010-04-22 Stathis Kamperisdschedctl: Better error message on unknown policy
2010-04-22 Sascha WildnerAdjust 'make upgrade' for the recent 802.11 update.
2010-04-22 Sascha Wildnerwi(4): Fix -Wold-style-definition.
2010-04-22 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Add TUNABLE_ULONG too and really fix the acpi...
2010-04-22 Sascha Wildneracpi(4): Use TUNABLE_LONG to fix a warning and remove...
2010-04-22 Sascha Wildnerkernel: Add TUNABLE_LONG.
2010-04-22 Alex Hornunginterbench - Port to DragonFly
2010-04-22 Alex Hornunginterbench - initial import
2010-04-22 Sascha WildnerClean up the options in our kernel configs for the...
2010-04-21 Stathis Kamperisdschedctl: OCD attack
2010-04-21 Stathis Kamperisdschedctl: Don't assume /dev as devfs's mount point
2010-04-21 Stathis Kamperisdschedctl: Allow /dev/<disk> as valid syntax
2010-04-21 Stathis Kamperisdschedctl: Cosmetic stuff
2010-04-21 Sascha Wildnermmc(4): Remove ARM specific DRIVER_MODULE().
2010-04-21 Alex Hornungfqstats - remove leftover
2010-04-21 Matthew Dillonieee80211 - Fix detachment panic
2010-04-21 Matthew Dillonbuild - Fix parallel build race in Makefile
2010-04-21 Antonio Huete... ath - Fix a mismatch in the module options.
2010-04-21 Sascha WildnerFix buildkernel KERNCONF=SOEKRIS.
2010-04-21 Sascha WildnerSync zoneinfo database with tzdata2010i from elsie...
2010-04-21 Alex Hornungdschedctl.8 - Add man page
2010-04-21 Alex Hornungdschedctl - Change arguments, clean up
2010-04-20 Alex Hornungdsched_fq - correct disk busy% calculation
2010-04-20 Sascha Wildnerdsched: Avoid integer overflow.
2010-04-20 Alex Hornungdsched_fq - remove pointless atomic ops
2010-04-20 Alex Hornungdsched_fq - Correct incomplete_tp count
2010-04-20 Sascha Wildnermmcsd(4): Add device statistics.
2010-04-19 Alex Hornungdsched, dsched_fq - Major cleanup
2010-04-19 Alex Hornungdsched - Periph.: call dsched_exit on thread exit
2010-04-19 Alex Hornungdsched_fq - move to lockmgr
2010-04-19 Matthew DillonHAMMER VFS - Fix probable corruption case when filesyst...
2010-04-18 Antonio Huete... ath - Fix module loading.
2010-04-18 Antonio Huete... x86_64 - Sync wlan options with GENERIC
2010-04-18 YONETANI Tomokazuips - Mark queue_lock as LK_CANRECURSE
2010-04-17 Matthew DillonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://crater.dragonflybsd...
2010-04-17 Matthew DillonHAMMER VFS - Fix assertion panic related to record...
2010-04-17 Alexander PolakovFix LINT kernel build.
2010-04-17 Alexander PolakovConnect mptutil(8) to the build.
2010-04-17 Alexander Polakovmptutil(8): fix build on DragonFly